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Wednesday, April 10, 2019

What is Webhosting and how to use it?

What is webhosting?

Just like we need a storefront to keep our products, you need a web hosting service to display your business website online.
In simple words - "Web hosting provides a means to access your website's files in storage space and access to all people".

How does web hosting work?

The hosting service stores your website files on a web server (high level computer). Whenever someone writes their address or URL in their browser to access their website, then this web server receives a copy of your website files by accepting that customer's request on that computer on their computer, resulting in the customer's The computer opens up your website.
Types of web hosting

Different types of hosting services are available in the web hosting industry.

1. Web Hosting
2. Virtual Private Server
3. Dedicated Server
4. WordPress Hosting
5. Cloud Hosting
6. Shared Server Hosting

If seen in the first place, then the first thing is that there is no way of web hosting, then we are taking it. What type of hosting should you take depends on the needs of your website, because the needs of every business / website are different, which should be kept in mind, choosing the right hosting.
Let us know about the different types of hosting in detail


It does what it says on the tin. The server is shared between you and many other customers, so you share the storage, storage and bandwidth with your neighbors. A great option for small sites and businesses in their initial stages, shared hosting solutions allow you to concentrate on attracting visitors to your website without the hassle of server configuration and maintenance.

2.Virtual private server:

A VPS gives you more control over your hardware. Your information is stored in a separate partition of a server, on which all the resources are completely yours. When you get a spike in the traffic of another site, it is great because of the performance drop, because the resources on your VPS are dedicated to your site. The technical stuff is yours too, which gives you more freedom to configure the server.

3.Dedicated Server:

Last in a business hosting solution, a dedicated server is simply: a server which is completely dedicated to you. It is your own wish that what you want, means abundant resources are in your hands. You will need some technical information to get in touch with your server's configuration, but a simple control panel interface will allow you to easily tick it.

4.WordPress hosting:

Wordpress is the most widely used content management system on the planet, and thousands of web sites on its platform choose to create its own website. WordPress Hosting is designed and designed from the ground to provide the ultimate in website hosting, specifically customized to support WordPress websites. With optimized WordPress hosting from UK 2, you will also get access to free premium templates and WordPress tutorials, to make sure your site is the best.

5. Cloud Hosting :

Cloud hosting is currently the best way of web hosting. There is no downtime in the same. In this, the web hosting provider provides you with a set of servers and a copy of your files and resources is created on those servers.If a cloud server is unable to provide you services for any reason then all traffic to your site is automatically sent to another cloud server. There are many advantages - In the event of server failing, there will be no impact on the services of your customers, it is cheap because you pay only for the resources you use. It is more scalable than the VPS.

6. Shared Server Hosting:

This Hosting is like staying at the hotel. Just as in the hotel you share your living space with many people, in the same way many websites are hosted on a physical server under this hosting type. The shared server offers all these websites the ability to use resources such as web space and CPU, RAM, resulting in cost of this hosting type is less than both types of hosting.

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