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Sunday, April 14, 2019

What is Virtual sim and How to use it?

Hi friends my name is Mahesh and today I am gonna tell you about what is virtual sim and how it is used  and for which propose we can use virtual sim so, now I don’t waste time more and lest’s .Start the article.virtual sim is fully different from normal sim card and it is used for some personal perposes.

What is Virtual SIM and how is it used?

Friends virtual SIM is very different from a normal SIM. You read this article full. I will do my best to explain. Is that the virtual sim is hot If we talk about a normal SIM card then it is quite different from the virtual SIM card. So you must have understood the logo as it was. Virtual Sim is made online / generated. And users of Virtual Sim are given a cloud based number. If the user has to make a call and send a message, then read the app to download the app.

 Virtual Sim can be used in any device with the help of an app. Virtual Sim can be used in 
computers, laptops, smartphones and tablets. And users of Virtual Sim can communicate / talk with each other.

 Virtual SIM can be called too many, this is a special feature of Virtual Sim.

 Virtual SIM can be called on local number and receipt can also be done.

 Virtual SIM can be anywhere in 50 countries.

 And Friends, if you want to take a virtual SIM, then you do not need to go to a shop and there is no need to give a document. Because these numbers are computer-generated and this number can be of any country.

 Virtual SIM is also used to hide its identity.

 This service is not free and you have to pay money to use it.

 Communication done through Vertical SIM can not be tracked like a common SIM. That's why this SIM is used.

So friends thanks for reading my article and if you like my article please spread it in social media and your friends and family if you have any question drop at comment and I will reply as soon as possible thank you again.

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