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Saturday, April 6, 2019

What is GBwhatsapp and how to use it?

Hi friends my name is mahesh and today i will tell you some interesting facts about GB whatsapp so let's start the article without wasting time.

What is GB Whatsapp?

Gbwhatsapp advance whatsapp app Whatsapp is also available with features like Gbwhatsapp app I have not been able to get the features of whatsapp app for me. Official whatsapp app has helped me to expand or limit features.Ink features that have been installed by installing apps. Or do other things about pdta But what are you going to do
with what I want to do? To Gbwhatsapp me has added some advanced features. You know what's going on

Gbwhatsapp Features:

Status Download:

Gbwhatsapp has asked me to contact you for a contact with the person at the bottom of the video.

DND mode:

Gbwhatsapp's DND mod on kerne par internet connection hone to whatsapp bnd. Matlab does not appear or will not appear. This feature is available for mobile phones or mobile phones.

Font change:

The Gbwhatsapp app has changed the fonts from many languages. It does not change any of the changes in the font's name unless you change the fonts in the fonts, but they do not change any of the Gbwhatsapp fonts.

Theme change:

Sbse has a feature theme change. You have a great idea of ​​what you can do with your theme. The bar bar is deflected as well. To change the theme of whatsapp from our local language. Gbwhatsapp has got me many themes. Un mese manpsnd theme.

App / Chat lock:

Gbwhatsapp lets you open or block a link. I have set the password for this password in my address book.so your 
phone stays secure.

auto reply:

This feature is very good This feature is also available for you to replay the person. You have to set the Autoreply to BHM.

Hide online:

you are going to have to Many times it is very easy to go online because of the fact that I do not know what to do. But do not hesitate to send your online status to Gbwhatsapp or fake time.

Hide blue and second stick:

The feature of this feature is that you can change your color to change the text. If you do not have any text message or you have read it, then we will not use it again, you can not use any other ill-timed bills. If the second stick has been left to the second stick.

Anti revoke:

No matter what the name suggests, I have a bad idea. Or we did not read messages from my account to the feature that has been deleted, but I have not been able to access it.so if you like my article spread it to your friends and in social media.
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