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what is backlinks?

what is backlinks

what is backlinks?

Hi friends today we are going to learn about backlinks and the types of backlinks so let’s start the Article. First thing we need to understand which is what is backlinks and what is the types of it? So backlinks are two types 1. Do follow 
2. No follow now let’s understand it by deeply. Do follow Backlinks means when you go in some high authority website and comment and write your name Address and your website link where the other
 visitor come and click on your link and visitor will Go directly to your website which is called do follow 
backlinks. But the No follow backlinks are absolutely different from it  for example when you comment in someones website which gets the high Traffic but you 
will just mention your website name but you will not 
insert link in it you will just Mention your site name 
which is called no follow backlinks now let’s understand some best topic to understand more about backlinks.

How to create do follow?

For creating do follow first you need to create account in monitor backlinks and then insert some high guality domains like shoutmeloud and then this site will show you from where shoutmeloud create backlinks and how create and also do follow backlinks with all data.

What is no follow and how to create it?

I already mentioned above the definition of no follow backlinks but to create no follow backliniks I will give some automatic backlinks generator sites and then you need to create account in the website named monitor backlinks and after you have to give names of few high quality domains

Suppose I will  shoutmeloud and I will get all the backlinks of his site with all data from where he create With the symbols in which you will get to know all information that which types backlinks they are creating link for creating account is given below do not be nervous because they will give free 30 days trial.

Now thank you for reading my article friends please share it to your friends if you like and if you have and problem comment  I will try to solve.


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