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Saturday, April 13, 2019

Top 5 Interesting Facts about PUBG

Player unknown Battleground or I say PUBG This is the most popular game in the last 2-3 months. I do not know which world you are living in if you have not heard this name yet. Beacuse everybody plays pub today whether they are young or they have children or they are old, everyone plays PUBG. Some play it on Windows and some play it on a smartphone and recently it has been heard that it will soon be launched on Xbox One.

Hi friends My name is Mahesh and today I am going to show you some interesting and unknown facts of Pub but if you have ever wondered why this game is so popular? Or what does the conqueror chicken dinner mean? And some more questions and facts about this about which I am going to discuss today. Yes, guys, today I'm going to talk Top-10 about unknown and interesting facts you should know about PUBGwhich. So, let's start first.

Friends, if you play Pubg, it does not matter whether you play it on mobile / smartphone or pc / gaming console or in special situations you play PUBG MOBILE via Gaming Buddy or any other emulator on your PC, If you play gamathine in the pub, then you will come to the conclusion that you should know some strange and interesting facts about Pubg. They are just for their knowledge, none of them is going to help you play this game !!!!So, let's start these facts without wasting time anymore.

Top-5 unknown and interesting facts about Pubg !!

1.3D gameplay recording:

Friends, if you are playing Pubg on PC then you can record 3D Gameplay.yes, Friends 3D Gameplay is what you are doing in real life. So this is also an interesting fact.

2. World record of Pubug:

This game keeps records for the highest number of players playing a game at the same time. Yes, guys, this made the game valve dota to go 2, in which 13,82,080 players were playing playback. So, it became a huge fact and recorded about Pubg Game.

3. Wondered by Pub:

Those who have pre-ordered it for PUBG game, those people got a special surprise as Bendena. They can be used in the game on Thier characters. No other player can achieve this. That band is not available in any crate. Some countries that are available to buy Bandana, but the price is up to $ 1000.But still, True Pub Lover bought it.

4. There are some bots in Pug Mobile.

Friends, I do not know whether you have seen or not always have a few bots in one particular game at one time when you are playing Pubg Mobile. The bots do not shoot you, they pick up the spawn at any time and they move in a straight direction.Pubg mobile is a bit simpler and bots are used to make the server stable because you know that up to 100 people are playing the game at a time when all 100 are not available and 10-15 people remaining Automatically add remaining people to join the server in the form of a bot so that the server can remain stable

5. Why was it so popular?

Friends, if you have ever wondered why this game is so popular. There are some important points that the pub's game is so popular. Friends, this game has an in-voice chat feature which is very unique for the smartphone platform.

You can play with 100 real players at a time. Main feature: This is an open world game and nobody likes to play these games. It's billions of mobile users and anyone can make and download it with their friends. Squad.

So thanks for reading my article now if you have any questions about this subject in your mind then you can drop down as soon as possible i will answer.
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