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Sunday, April 7, 2019

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

Hello friends my name is Mahesh and today I will tell you about search engine optimization. 'Search Engine Optimization' If you are new to the world of blogging or digital marketing thenyou have heard it a lot. So you must have questioned how do Search Engine Optimization? And how do SEO of the Website Blog? So now we start without a waste of time, Article of Search Engine Optimization.The complete form of SEO is Search Engine Optimization. SEO means that any website should be optimized in such a manner so that it can be effectively displayed in the search engine and get a higher rank so that all organic traffic can be received.If you want to learn about Search Engine Optimization, how it is done, how it is adjusted, and how to get more traffic by stitching your website, then read this article to the end.

Advantages of Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

If you have a website or blog then you will need to make traffic. The website without traffic is of no use. If you have created a website to earn, then you can not earn without 
good traffic.There are several ways to get traffic for the website, such as linking with direct visitor, payment from advertisements to social media etc. But the most amazing way of all of these is organic traffic, which comes from the direct search engine.Therefore it is very important to obtain the search engine optimization of the website in order to obtain maximum organic traffic. On the Internet, people 
only search on information search engines.

Forms of Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

There are two Forms of search engine optimization:

1 Black Hat - Black Hat SEO is incorrectly optimized for Getting website ranking. Doing unnecessary keywords on
 the page, buying back backlinks, clicking on the result of your site or repeatedly etc. For all these times, maybe the rankings can be obtained for some time, but they do not know much and in the end, the site disappears.

2. White hat - Another method of optimizing search engine optimization is the most accurate. The process of obtaining 
a website rank is slow, but if the content is good then it becomes a rank. And many biological traffic is available. So
 if you want your website to rank correctly, then you only pay attention to white hat SEO.    

How to optimize search engine

SEO of any website or blog is done in two ways: -

1. On page SEO
2. Page SEO Closed

To optimize the website, both of them have full significance. But if you & nbsp; After the beginning you should first learn about On Page SEO, after that you go to Off Page SEO.On 
the page, SEO, content, website speed, blog design, correct use of keywords, page title, mobile-friendly blog and web page URL are optimized in the top ranks in that way.The process of backlinks, domain rights, pages, domain age, and customization of value correctly on the social network outside the web page is called off-page SEO.

How to optimize on-page search engine optimization?

!1! . Optimize the page title:

SEO is the most important on page SEO optimized page title. It is compulsory to optimize the page title to achieve high ranking on search engines. Any keyword you want to rank
 in should be in the title of the page.The length of the page title should be between 60 and 70. This is the result of most search engines on most search engines.You can use some SEO friendly words to optimize the page title, such as Best, Latest, How to, Step by Step, Complete Guide, Tutorial and New.

!2! Social Share Button:

The social share button does not directly affect on-page SEO. But many SEO experts believe that by applying them you get a lot of money. And if your content is good then they get paid. Therefore, at least one social share button must be done.I use this add-on share button for my blog. It's completely free and you can customize it according to your own.

!3! Meta Details:

The meta description tag in SEO is the second most important factor. Most people believe that Google does 
not give meta tag more importantly, to some degree it is 
true. But if your content is good and makes an accurate 
meta description, then you get the benefit of it on the 
search engine.The meta description increases the short summary of your post in the search engine. The length
of the meta description is 160 characters or better, so it's best.In order to get good ranking in the search engine, at least once in the meta description, the keyword that you
want to rank is compulsory.

!4! Keyword Placements:

Keyword placement is to use keywords. Keyword placement of On Page Seo is a very important factor. If you use the keywords correctly in the post, you can get the best results.

Place keywords in 3 places in a blog post:

* Inside the first 200 words in the first paragraph of the post.
* Title and sub title tags
* In the last paragraph of the post.

!5! Keyword Density:

As a keyword density, how often do you present keywords
in a post? To get the best results on search engines, it is very important to know that which keyword is searched many times.

so thank you for reading my article and please share this article to social media or your family if you like, if you have any question comment below.
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