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Monday, April 22, 2019

Paidera Review-Paidera is a scam

Paidera Review – Can It Really Turn Time into Money?

Hi friends today I will show some proofs about newly launched site named paidera. I will tell you that this site is legit or scam. I suggest you please do not use paidera because this is scam site they will not pay you anything but if you use that site they will earn a lot from you. First if you are new user in paidera they will provide you a lot of surveys. Here some screenshots captured by me.

Upto 8$ and their minimum payout is 30$ but when you reach 20$ they will block your all surveys and will tell you to reffer friends to  unlock surveys. When you refer 20 to 25 peoples they will Permnantely suspend your account when you login they tell your account has been suspended For auto bot traffic and unorganic social media traffic.

Now by completing their tasks you will earn nothing and they will earn a lot of money from you Because they use adsense ads to generate earnings and you know that how much they can earn. After you refer 20 persons they will go and work their website And they will also trap in their scam and they will waste their time also.  And yes if you contact them first time when you new they will reply you and tell you that their site is legit and they also show Some fake payment proofs which are fake because I personally used that site and i am saying that This website is scam paidera do not give any chance to make 30$ from their site . so I recommend that do not use paidera this is scam site.

If you are reading this article and they cheated you write comment and tell what happened with you. Thanks for reading this

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