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Thursday, April 18, 2019

Lenovo’s First Foldable Smartphone .

Lenovo’s First Foldable Smartphone

Hi Friends My Name is Mahesh and today I will tell you about lenovo’s First
Foldable smartphone that gonne be launched soon. So let’s start.We all know properly that the smartphone has reached the end, and it seems that it will be a concept that many companies will present in their catalog day-by-day, as well as the famous Chinese smartphone maker, Huawei. Their Mate X and South Korean giant Samsung have done with their Galaxy Fold. Now this is Chinese smartphone maker Lenovo's first folding smartphone.

Lenovo's First Foldable Smartphone:

Folding smartphones have reached the end, and it seems that it will be a concept that many companies will present in their catalog day-to-day, as well as the famous Chinese smartphone manufacturer Huawei has definitely done with their Mate X and. South Korean giant Samsung has done with its Galaxy Fold.

Now this famous Chinese smartphone maker, Lenovo has launched its first folding smartphone, so now comes with a render and the truth is that it is one of the most different designs we have seen in this regard because they have a concept Choose which is very different from South Korean giants Samsung and Huawei, which are the famous Chinese smartphone manufacturer.

As Lenovo's folding phone, let's go digital has been rebuilt in these images which are based on its patent, it will not be deployed to become wider, but now because its hinges are horizontally arranged so that when the device To rotate, we will see a double front screen.

This is a concept we have not seen in any other device in which the device's front will always be the same, so that we can keep the sensor in the same position in which we find it in most smartphones, and likewise, the company's alleged There is no address for the smartphone.

When the smartphone launches, we will find a smartphone longer than normal, with a format that can be like almost 22: 8 new Sony Xperia 10 because it allows us to see more content in the device.

While the phones we have seen so far are the devices that have been deployed, which are equal to the size of the tablet, and in this situation, Lenovo smartphones will be the same as the smartphone. As its mission is not to provide more screens at one place, rather we have to provide a normal screen, but in a more reserved space. Thank you Friends For Reading My Article If You like My Article Please Spread it to Your Family And Friends

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