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Adsense Web Approval application rejects says" it does not meet our criteria"

adsense application rejects says it does not meet our criteria

Hi friends my name is Mahesh today I will tell you my problem which was happening with me before 3 monthes. I am writing this article just because that if this type of problem happening with you howto solve it. So without wasting time let’s start the article.  Before 3 monthes I bought a new domain named superamazingtricks I thought that I would get approval for adsense because I bought top level domain but  when I applied firsttime in adsense they rejected my web approval and said mein the mail that your site does not meet our criteria now see screenshot which is given below you can understand more properly.


When adsense rejected my website approval I thought that it was happening because I wrote just 10Posts so I started writing more posts in my blog and I wrote around 20 posts and again applied but Again after waiting  a week adsense mail came in my phone and they rejected saying that thanks For appliying but your site does not meet our criteria. Then i was little nervous what was happening with me. And again I applied after writing 25 posts but although adsense rejected. So I applied a new trick and I got approval see below screenshot.

Now I will tell how I got approval first you need to create new gmail id and apply from that new gmail you will 100% get approval in adsense but even I you do not get approval comment below I will help you. Thanks for reading


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