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Thursday, March 28, 2019

Pubg banned in india you can get arrested if you play?

PUBG, which is a Action Royale online multiplayer game. Nowadays, this is the most love and accustomed game for users, which has resulted in many Indian cities being banned. PUBG also started an age rating for those players who do not affect their studies. But, they did not succeed in it. Therefore, players playing in PUBG are being arrested by the police. PUBG was first banned in Rajkot and then in Ahmedabad, Himmatnagar and some other cities of Gujarat. So, here you will read why PUBG has been banned in India, whether PUBG has been banned without any reason, and what about PUBG.

Last week, PUBG players were arrested in the cities of Gujarat. According to the game restricted by the Gujarat Police Commissioner Shri Manoj Agarwal. Apart from this, a notice has been issued by colleges and schools for not running PUBG campus or anywhere. Some of the arrested students of PUBG were arrested. They were examined to violate the law. Their phones were taken for investigation. Therefore, the game was banned on March 6 and more than 25 players were arrested for violating the law.

Reason for Pubg Banned in india:

You are thinking that "PUBG is restricted without any reason" but NO has many reasons for its restriction. It is restricted because it adversely affects the study of students who ban the PUBG by the authorities. They saw that the students are giving too much time to play PUBG, which is bad for them. Apart from this, the result of the students was poor, due to which PUBG was the main reason. Some of the children have already chosen the path of suicide, violence, impatient behavior in their homes as negative influences of PUBG, which is a reason for its restriction.

The creator of PUBG  Tencent also worked to make the game more healthy for the players. Therefore, they updated the game with age rating in which they can only play games if they are over 13 years otherwise they will have to get permission from their parents.

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