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Sunday, March 31, 2019

New MIUI version 11.0 launched For Mi devices

Hi Friends my name is Mahesh and today I’m gonna tell you about newly launched version of MIUI11.0  which is the update in Mi phones.MIUI 10 which was The latest 10 MI Devices and Redmi Phones. There are many good features in MIUI 10. MIUI 10 Smooth, more functional, simple user interface and more. Xiaomi, India's largest smartphone brand, always provides UI updates, security updates, and fixes bugs through these updates so that MI users can be made more relevant to their phones. Now, they are working on another UI update, which is MIUI 11 to provide this update to all MI phones. Of course, this is more smooth, functional and more exciting than MIUI 10. Some Xiaomi phones have been updated with MIUI 11 and are receiving regular updates which add some features, security patches and more. So, here you will find some more features of MIUI 11 which I'm going to tell you:

MIUI 11 Features:

MIUI 11 is getting regular updates that it will work better on Xiaomi and Redmi phones. Some phones have been updated with MIUI 11 and some are available. But, there are some other features that will add up. It is now being tested on the beta program. The new features are:
• New Symbols
• Ultra Power Saving Mode
• Screenshot Management
• Dark theme
• Optimized status bar

Here's the detailed information 

on MIUI 11 new updates:

New icons and smooth animations:

Xiaomi is now trying to upgrade UI system and app icon which has changed slightly from MIUI 6 but has not changed. Therefore, the new interface can also provide users the ability to change icon shapes according to their styles. With MIUI 11, the flattering of the icons and MIUI is expected to be less than 10. Therefore, Xiaomi is also working towards achieving system-wide stability of visual elements and smooth animations.

Ultra Power Saving Mode:

Saving mode is the most important part of mobiles. Therefore, with this mode, all apps and features will be closed except for text and call and the screen will be changed to black and white to protect the battery. The user will also have the ability to allow select apps in ultra-power saving mode.

Screenshot Management:

Therefore, the updated versions of MIUI will support the automatic removal of the screenshot after sharing. Users will also get new options to edit screenshots. So, MIUI 11 can also bring an easy way of interacting with information. In addition, users will also be able to manage notifications continuously.

Dark Theme :

Dark Theme Android is the latest update. Coming on MIUI 11 with new updated features. Therefore, users may now be able to enable dark mode on third-party applications and browsers. First, we have seen the dark mode for the Huawei device, now Xiaomi is taking this feature for its users, and there is no doubt that mobile mode is becoming a trend for mobile. Due to various benefits

The MIUI 11 Beta program is going to test its new features and check its bugs. Users who want to experience these features before the OTA update, they can register it. If available, then Xiaomi Beta will sign up for the program. You can also check it by visiting MI's official website.

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