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Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Mozilla Newly Launched FireFox Lockbox for Android

All are well aware that one of the most recommended measures to protect authenticity and the security of the account is to use strong passwords, with special characters, numbers etc, hence, Mozilla is now a terrible one for Android Launches new app.Mozilla just launches a great new app for Android.One of the most recommended measures to protect authenticity and the security of the account is to use a strong password, with special characters, numbers, the problem with this type of password is that, though, it is difficult to guess, But, they are difficult to remember, so to consider for "unaware" an option is to use Password Manager like LastPass or that tech giant Google In Rom is integrated by default.

Now it's Mozilla that connects with its own option, yes, all the new Firefox lockboxes. It was first released for the mobile operating system of the technical giant Apple, of course, IOS and now Mozilla officially launched the Firefox lockbox for Android.

Its operation is similar to the rest of the options available on the market, with the difference that if you use Firefox on the desktop, you can simply synchronize passwords between mobile and PC.Therefore, if you already use password managers, you will surely know how the lockbox works, but if you are new, it is worth reviewing their operation. When you install a lockbox, you will need to authorize it as an autocomplete service.

In this way, the app can "read" the screen and see which field it can fill. Therefore, when you click on the "password" text box, the app will only detect it and automatically fill it using the credentials stored in the application.

This is a very useful app, though the All-New Firefox lockbox is in its first version and sometimes it shows some bugs. But, you can always access the application, manually press the dedicated button and copy the user and password manually and paste it into the app you want to log into.In terms of security, passwords are encrypted with a 256-bit key and, to prevent anyone from accessing them, you can protect the application with just a fingerprint or pin so that you can access your credentials only Can reach

As always in Mozilla, the Firefox lockbox is a completely free app that can be downloaded to any Android device. Although it is true that there are more popular options, it can be a tool to be considered by all those people who use Firefox as a default browser on their mobile or PC.

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