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Thursday, March 21, 2019

Donald Trump is ready to give jolt to india?

If we talk about America, then he is with India against terrorism on the issue of Pulwama attack, but now America is ready to give jolt to India. That is, donald trump is preparing to seize the GSP facility to be given to India. And India will have a great loss due to this. India was benefiting from the GSP and damage to America. Now Donald Trump is preparing for the removal of  India from the GSP facility. .

 And Donald Trump has also informed  about this in a letter to the American Congress. If this happens, about 5.6 Billion products of India, which had duty or non-tax free till now, will now be taxed, which is going to be big impact on India. And if Donald Trump does this, then since then Donald Trump has been President since 2017, the biggest action will be on India. All these Donald Trump are going to do this, heavy import duties are imposed by India on American companies. Donald Trump also believes that if this happens then American companies will benefit.

  Donald Trump said that "we have to do this because despite our good relations with India, India is not giving us the assurance that American goods will be respected and properly reached.

If this operation is done by America on India, then Donald Trump will be the first President to take such a big step on India. And yes, friends comment that this step of Donald Trump's good or not?
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