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Friday, February 15, 2019

Top 6 best alternatives of google adsense to make money from blogger

 Hello friends, my name is mahesh and today i'm gonna show you top 6 alternatives of google   adsense.we all know that adsense is very strict and if they find any acivity in your adsense
 they will directly suspend your account permanetly without warning. if you have wordpress site,
 you can activate invalid click proctector for adsense but if you have blogger, you can not do anything so, we have just one option to use alternative of let's start.

!1! is best alternative of google adsense because don't disable your account
 without reason.but one diffrence is between and adsense is that adsense pays you
 cpc(cost per click) and pays(Ecpm) means (per thousand impression). so if you want
 to use they will pay you impression based not click.but even comes at the   second position as an alternative of adsense.and you need to write your content in english.

!2! bidvertiser:

bidvertser is the second choice and they pay cpc based it means cost per click and their cpc is
around 0.10$ per click but te best part of this website is that you will require just 20$ to withdraw
it in your paypal so, that's the best part of this site.and they don't suspend account directrly because they have less user.

!3! infolinks:

infolink is also a good option for use to choose as an atlernative of adsense because easily you will get approval in infolinks site.they just want a good looking site to show their ads. infolinks minimum withdrawal amount is 100$ they pay by, you can use this site for showing ads in your site.

!4! Adsterra:

adsterra is nice option but if you want to get approval in this adnetwork you  will require traffic and their minimum withdrawal amount is 100$ via paypal this will be a nice option for you.
adsterra pays per thousand impression shown your if you are getting decent traffic you can
use cpc network.

!5! chitika:

chitika is a cpc based advertising network they pay per click. if you are small  blogger, you should use this network to earn money because they pay you when you earn just 10$ and they will pay via paypal,wire transfer minimum 50$ and in they pay period is net 30 days.

!6! Adcash:

adcash is newly launched adnetwork they pay impression per thousand  method but this site is not made for a small blogger because to get approval they require 10k traffic a day from us,uk etc so this is last network to earn money. other options are available but when i read the reviews of that site i found that they are not good for blogger usually. so if you want to use other you can use but these are best 6 adnetworks.

so thank you friends for reading my article, if you face any problem choosing  adnetwork i can suggest just write at the comment and i will reply as soon as possible.

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