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Friday, February 15, 2019

Top 5 Best worlds Web Browser For Windows

 Hi friends today i'm gonna show you the best webbrowsers for windows we all  know that Google   Chrome is the best web Browser for windows but today i will show you some other options instead
 of google chrome because google's private tab and other features are not good in comparison of
 other browsers so we don't waste your valuable time and tell you about best options without chrome

!1! Firefox:

After Google Chrome Firefox browser is the best option for you to use because they provide high quality private tab which supports encryption who hides your all information smartly so i will give you advise to use Firefox browser is the bes choice for you to use.if you want to use for your private purposes like searching some content which not good to use or blocked by your isp provider

!2! Opera Browser:

Opera Browser is another good choice for you to use as an alternative of Chrome borwser.Opera Browser supports anti blocking featurs with which you can Block ads of your browser and use internet without ads.opera browser gives you online whatsapp feature with which you can use whatsapp in your windows.

!3! Puffin Browser:

 i am not sure that you have listend the name of puffin browser this browser came newly in the   software market but puffin browser is the smooth and  best features giving browser so you can
 use this browser and check out it works good or not.

!4! UC browser:

 uc browser is also a nice web browser for windows pc. this Browser also have some good features
 to use.Uc browsers user are incresing day by day. they are the second browser in the alternative of google chrome. many users use uc browser because they provide smoother and high speed which makes pc to use nicely.

!5! Vivaldi:

This browser was launched before 3 years ago and now this is becoming more and more popular in the windows software world.Vivaldi provides some best and different type of features like if you use this browser and you visit any site this browser will change the theme color automatically which gives you some diffrent thing to use. so just download it from website and check how it works

so, thanks friends to read my article and if you are confused to which browser
should be used or not? you can simply ask to me at the comment. 

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