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Friday, February 15, 2019

Top 5 best Alternatives like youtube to earn money

 we all knew that to earn money by uploading videos in youtube is not so simple now a days,
 because youtube executed their new policy about monitizing content. to monetize content
 everyone required to have 1000 Subscribers and 4000 hours watchtime from previous 12
 months so,it is not easy to monetize content and make money by uploading videos. but
 today i am gonna tell you about top5 alternatives of youtube to make money without 1000     subscribers and 4000 watch hours. so let's start the article.

!1! Dtube:

Dtube is a good option to make money by monetizing your content even if you are a new one.i am not telling you to stop uploading videos in youtube but till you don't get subscibers you can upload that videos in Dtube and start making money and if you complete your subscribers and watch hours you can upload videos in youtube.Dtube pays money through paypal or other payout options.

!2! Patreon:

 right now, patreon is decent platform to make money through content but in this paltform you will
 get just one platform to redeem money which is paypal and we know that paypal charges a lot of charges to pay money into bank. so this is the bad part of this site but you can upload videos in this platform because you don't need any subscibers to make money.just required views.

!3! DailyMotion:

Dailymotion is the platform which is being popularing day by days. because now if you search the videos in dailymotion you will get a lot of videos which are currently running in if you are prepairing to upload videos in dailymotiom you can try this platform also.

!4! Vimeo:

Vimeos is the absolute competitior of youtube beacause they provide you decent type of featurs to make your video more better than you can upload.vimeo provides better option to get vimeo approximately more than 350millon active users available so this is also a good choice for you to upload your content in vimeo.

!5! BridTV:

  Brid tv is the one of the best alternative platform of youtube because youtube keeps 45% of your     advertising revenue and brid tv keeps around just 40% of your advertising, i am also
 using this platform to make money easily and it can be the good choice for you to upload your   content.

so, guys thank you for reading my article but i am not telling you to stop
uploading your video content in youtube but you can upload your videos
in both platform till you don't get the subscribers in youtube and you will
make money from both side. if you face any problem in choosing best platform
to make money you can freely write to us.

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