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Thursday, February 14, 2019

Top 10 Best Ways To Make Android Apps Easily Without Coding 2019

as we all know that android is one of the best platform as well as most used  platform also.and if you are thinking about making an android app for earning money or to personal use. but you don't have experience about coding. even you  can make android app from many of sites as well as from many of apps. by reading this article you can make android app without,let's start.

!1! Thunkable:

to make android app thunkable is the best choice for you, you can create app for android and ios operating system also.just you need to learn how to set up app and blocks in thunkable or you need
 to aia file which you can directly import and create app form thunkable.

!2! appybuilder:

appybuilder is a great choice for us to create android app and also i'm using this platform to make android app. and publish this in the google  playstore you can learn how to create app from appybuilder without coding by watching videos from youtube. so just visit this site and try to make an app.

!3! makeroid:

recently, makeroid launced their new version to make an app by using makeroid  you can create both types of apps for andriod and ios. and makeorid also  provides different kind of api because playstore changed their api key for android so this can be the best option for you to create app.

!4! The app builder:

the appbuilder is not a website this is an android app by using this app you can make android app for android,ipad,iphone. the app builder app provides passworrd  to their each users this can protect us from hackers and it secures our data and after creating an app you can publish that app which was made by you in google playstore.

!5! Appypie :

appypie is an app which provides you to make an android and ios for your phone. by using appypie you can make software for your windows pc also. this the very best thing of this app if you want to you can use this app by downloading it from google playstore.

!6! mobile roadie:

mobile roadie is an app with you can make an app for ios and android. you can create and manage apps also.they provide the app named mobile roadiehen connect with which you can see the preview of your app then you can customize can give an app to good look because they provide api fetching data also

!7! App machine:

appmachine is an simple to use for both android and ios platform. by drag and drop feature you can make app as you think.this supports blocks system also.but first you need to learn how to use app machine app by youtube videos.

!8! Buzztouch:

buzztouch is decent sotfware to make and app by using this you can create simple not like android. but if you want to make an app just for fun you can create from this platform. but to genrate high quality earing you need to create app from thunkeble or other4 options.

thanks a lot guys if you dont understand how to use or create app or
which is the best site or app to make an app you can reach to me via

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