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Thursday, February 14, 2019

Best 5 Android Investment Apps you Need to Check Out


 many of persons are intrested in stock market to earn money. but they don't know how to start in   investing money in stock market or they have less money to invest so they can not invest but now
 i have come here to tell you about the app in that app you can invest just 10$ in stock and you can   collect huge money by investing so if you are eager in investing stock market you are in a right
 place. so don't waste time and let's start.

!1! Acorns:

if you want to invest in stock market and you want to by investing less money  like 10$-5$ money. after investing you can get more mone in stock market. this app is best app to invest money because they provide you help in which stock  should you invest? or not. so i shall suggest you to try this app for trying  just download it from playstore.

!2! Stock Trainer:

this app is spacially made for those who wants to invest in stock market and they want to learn how to invest and how to make profit. for an example you will get virtual money and that money you can invest in stock and after investing you can earn money but only virtual money. then if you want  to earn money by  investing real money you can earn real money just try this one also if you want  to learn first and then you can invest money as you want.

!3! olymp trade:

this application is also a good option for you to invest money in stock market. in this app they will provide 10000$ demo account with which you can learn how to invest in stock market.for example
 if you invest 5000$ and you need to choose just the option from two up and down. if you choose up and the stock price increses you will earn or if price goes down you will lose. this the simple app to learn as well as to invest in stock market so, you can download this app from playstore.

!4! Robinhood:

you will know about listening the name of app. this app provides you to buy stock and sell this stock directly from the app and also without paying any kind of commissions they provide this service absolutely free.and you can earn money from this app also. so let's friend just give this app a trial then decide do you need to download this app or not?

!5! StockTwits:

this is the app in this app you can connect with every stock invester and buyer as well from facebook or other social media. you can connect and directrly send stock to buyer or receive from seller. so download this app check out right now

so guys this top 5 stock market investing apps by using this app you can earn
a huge money if you know how to use apps. but if you don't know how to use app
or which app is best choice for you. you can ask me via comment.
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