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Friday, February 15, 2019

Best Google AMP Blogger SEO Friendly template 2019

Hello friends today i will tell you about top 5 best google AMP blogger templates 2019 by using Google AMP your site's loading speed will be increased.if you have blog and if you want that it
 will load faster in 2g network also, you can use these let's start.

# What is AMP:

AMP means Accelerated Mobile Page which is a newly launched product by google  to increase the loading speed of website.if AMP enabled in website,even your internet is slow you can use site faster than normal.

!1! Download Free Infinite AMP Blogger Template:

infinite amp blogger template is best seo optimized template. this is designed by Arlina design and distributed by arlina design as well.and thi template have ultra responsive feature which makes this template diffrent from other.

!2! Responsive AMP Blogger Template Seoamp:

this template is also good for making your website faster.this is designed by super website optimization agreeable and moved as well.this template have a good look which is best for template.

!3! Vletters AMP Blogger template:

vltetters amp blogger template is good and nice looking template and amp supported also which will load faster in slow speed. so just try this template also and  checkout how it looks.

!4! Infinite JLB:

infinite jlb is another amp blogger template to use it in your is looking best and seo friendly as well.this is desinged by infinite. youcan download this from link given below.

!5! AMP Breaking News – Free Blogger template:

this template is especially made for news because we all know in news we want template which loads faster. so, this is best template also in short if you are using news site you must try this one because this seo optimized and amp supported.

so, thank for reading my article these are the best top 5 best amp supported
blogger templates.

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