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Monday, November 26, 2018

Top3 best Video Editing Applications

Hi Friends Today I'm going to tell you about top 3 Best Video Editing Softwares for making your YouTube Videos or making So Fun so let's start We all know that For a Best Youtuber Making Good Video Attracts attention Of Every Visitor.

 > Top Features Who makes Best Videos For making Best Video We need some features which is given below:

 1) Video Layer

 2) Fast Export

 3) Smoth Working

 4) Animation

 5) Video Effect

 6) Regular Update

 7) New Feature

 8) Multiple Video Format support

 9) Layer Support

 10) Audio Format

 11) Voice recording

 These Special Features who makes Better Video List of Three Best Video Editing Software :

 Here I will tell you about 3 video Editing Software who makes your video So much better: 

 1) Kinemaster

 2) Power Director

 3) Filmora Go

 1) Kinemaster: 

 Kinemaster is best video software in this app we can edit video nicely Almost 70% Of Youtuber Use This Software For Editing their Video.

 > Features Of Kinemaster :

 * Multiple Layers of Videos,Images Effects

 * More Effect Downloading Support

 *  Instant Preview For All Video Editing

 * Frame By Frame Trimming

 * Audio Filters And Voice Changer

 * Other Effects

 * Speed Control For Video Clips

 * 3d Animation Effects

 * 720p,Full HD Export

Download From Here:

 2) Power Director:

 Power Director is a Video Editing Software which Is Being Famous from Day by days for the Common reason of this app is that its looking Good interface. And In this video Editing Software you will Get many Effects For making a good Video For this reason The Video Look Good After Made By Us.

 > Features of Power Director:

 *  Powerful New Movie Maker

 *  Fix Editing With Drag and Drop Controls For Video,Images & Audio

 * Audio Editor -Videos Music is Changeble and Add Fading Voice Over

 * Photo Video Editor To Combine Pictures and Video in one Movie

 * Chrome Key Selector Let's You create transparencies in video layer& Layer Effects

 * Video Trimming

 * Audio Trimming And adding

 * Export Video in 4k,720p,1080p Hd

Download From here:

 3) Filmora Go: 

 This app is also Good Video Editing Software For us But this is not as good as Kinemaster and Power Director. But This app Have some Good Features Given Below:

* Backgrounds Blur Effect

 * fast Export

 * Audio Compressor

 * Free media or Animations

 * image Video fx effects Support

 * Slow/Fast Mode,Reverse Play,Trim By Duration, Dublicate,Delete

 * Download New Effects includes Filters and Overlay Elements.

Download from Here:

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