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Sunday, November 25, 2018

Top 5 Best Hosting Provider

Best web hosting service for websites in 2019

Hey Friends today I'm going to show you top 5, Worlds best Hosting provider to start new website if you want to make your own will need to buy webhosting from somewhere Because by hosting you can create best website.

  if you are thinking about buying new website and you are confused.then read this article this will help you to buy website Hosting

The best website hosting providers in the world, ranked and tested

 > Before buying website see these things: 

 1) Hosting Speed
 2) Cpanel
 3) WordPress Install support
 4) Unlimited Bandwidth
 5) 24*7 Customer Support

 1) Hosting speed:

 to buy any website make sure about this Five things if any website hosting provider provides faster hosting speed,Your website will be increased itself and rank faster than others

 2) Cpanel:

  usually you buy webhosting you will get cpanel but even though you should see that is they providing capnel or not ?

 3) WordPress Install support: 

today, almost every hosting provider provides you WordPress install support but even see that they provide WordPress install or not.

 4) Unlimited Bandwidth :

 before buying any website we should see that how much bandwidth you get while buying webhosting But unlimited bandwidth is more better than less GB bandwidth so make sure about these things

 5) 24*7 Customer support:

 it is needed for any webhosting provider that do they provide 24*7 customer support or not?

 Top5 Web hosting Service Providers: 

 1) BlueHost:

 Blue Host comes number 1 in the list because you get superfast speed in this hosting provider.By this if a lot of visitors visit your site your site never slow down and never server down.Also you will get 24*7 Customer support and WordPress install,Unlimited Bandwidth. if we tell about the price of this site you will get the plan of 2.95$ per month.


 Hostgator is second best webhosting provider because many youtubers tell you to make your website by Hostgator.Hostgator provides a nice speed and With all Five things which already given above they take 5$ Per month I think which too costly but you can buy your hosting from this site


 the name of this site is cheap and they provide cheap plan hosting also. they provide features so much and Also a I will suggest you to buy web hosting from here they per month hosting plan is just 2.90$ per Month and 24*7 customer support

 4) Godaddy:

 Godaddy is more popular in India than other providers.Godaddy Accepts all type of currencies And their monthly plan starts from 2.49$ per month and the best part of this site is that they supports WordPress install and 24*7 customer support also


 Hostinger is nice webhosting provider as well. if your are beginner then Hostinger is Right option for you and where you can make Unlimited websites of yours.Hostinger provides you 3 months trial webhosting where they take just 1.50$ per month and Unlimited Bandwidth and 24*7 Customer support and WordPress install also.

If you want to buy website then the providers given above will provide you best service. but I will suggest you to buy webhosting from Namecheap or Hostinger. just try it thank you

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