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Saturday, November 24, 2018

How to find Stolen Mobile phone By IMEI Number?

What is the IMEI number of mobile Phone ?

 As we already knew that the IMEI number is an unique 11 to 20 digit number given to every mobile device which Shows its identity, so that the device could maintain its identity even though your mobile is stolen or lost. And if there is any kind of speed to be made by the thief in it like calling or running the Internet etc. then it is able to be tracked with your IMEI number. Or if the track can not be tracked then the IMEI number can be minimized so that the phone and the internet is not able to be used through that mobile. If your phone is stolen or lost, then suddenly contact the police and also contact your service provider. At the That time, if the police needs it, then give the information of your mobile IMEI number.

 Why is the IMEI number so important? 

 like we already talked about, the IMEI number is an id of your mobile phone which gives your mobile the number of SIM cards in your mobile, such Even if your Mobile supports dual sim, your momile phone have Two IMEI numbers will be given, ie, for both SIM slots, so that any mobile slots are able to be tracked in by SIM card, your mobile can be easily tracked. IMEI number is also important that every mobile phone identity is maintained so that mobile phones can be saved substantially due to theft.

Apart from this, if the IMEI number is handled by a hacker, then it can also track your location and many things at any time, so keep your IMEI number always kept secret. Apart from this, if someone says you that he is able to change the IMEI number of your mobile or remove the IMEI number from your mobile and your mobile will run without an IMEI number then do not rely solely on such people and with the mobile IMEI number Do not tease or make any changes because changing the IMEI number is not easy and it can also cause your mobile exposure.

 How to Search IMEI numbers?

 Saying about mobile or tablet, IMEI number is very easy to find. To do nothing for you, just open the dialer in your mobile * # 06 # and dial it USSD code and all the mobile IMEI numbers will be displayed to you.

 IMEI number 

 There are other ways to Discover an IMEI number such as by going to phone settings, first of all, open Settings in your phone. After that, open About Phone. Now by Discovering on IMEI's option and clicking on it, you will be able to see your mobile's IMEI number.

 Apart from this, if your mobile is not running and you need to know its IMEI number, you can see the battery by opening your phone's battery and seeing it because most mobile IMEI numbers are found. But apart from this, if your phone has a non removable battery or your mobile is lost, you can easily Discover the IMEI number on the top of the box or in the mobile phone box.
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