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Monday, September 3, 2018

Top 5 Best Highest paying URL Shortner to Earn money

Highest Paying URL Shortener to earn Money Online 2019

Hi friends today i'm gonna show top 5 best highest paying url shortner with which you can earn huge money if you are from us or uk then you can earn thousands of dollar in just days so don't waste time and let's start this article about top 5 best High paying url shortner websites.


Clicksfly. com Yes it is a huge site they lakhs of registered users they provide highest CPC and worldwide 4$  and from United States 15$  and France and Netherlands 12$ vpm per 10000 views where you can earn huge money this

Payout rates: up to 15$ per 1000Views


minimum Withdraw: 5$ PayPal,3$for paytm


gplink info is huge money provider but the bad part of website is that they have low average CPM 1$  but provides instant payment in 1hour and CPM rates 4$ for India and 10$ for united States users

payout rates: up to  10$ per 1000views

payout: instant payment

minimum Withdraw: 1$ for paytm 5$ for PayPal


time4earn provides highest CPM because they provide 6$ average CPM per 1000views and 7$ CPM per 1000views  for India 18$ for united kingdom and highest for 18$ France

payout rates:up to 18$ per 1000views

payout : payment within 4days

minimum Withdraw: 1$ for paytm and 5$ for PayPal

4) Tokenfly.PW

tokenfly is for user who wants to Withdraw in btc wallet they have 10$ CPM per 1000views for united kingdom and worldwide 2$

payout rates: up to 10$ per 1000views

payout:monthly payment

minimum Withdraw:  5$ PayPal and bitcoin wallet

hey guys if you have any doubt  about this sites or you don't get payment so feel free to contact us via email
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